Combine work and study


A traineeship is a skills development programme for 16- to 24-year-olds and includes an unpaid work placement which is designed to help you get ready for an apprenticeship. The unpaid work placement can last from 6 weeks up to 1 year, though most traineeships last less than 6 months.


To start a traineeship, you’ll need to:

From the training provider you get:

From the employer you get:

Programmes can be tailored to meet your needs and prepare you for what local businesses are looking for.

A traineeship is a training programme and is not a job. Therefore, employers are not required to pay you for the work placement, but they can support you with expenses such as transportation and meals.

Find a traineeship:


Employers can offer a work experience placement of at least 70 hours to a trainee, and they will work with a training provider to design the programme.

Employers will work with the training provider to plan and agree:

Traineeships are flexible. Employers can change the programme as they go to make sure they and the trainee get the most out of it.

Employer responsibilities

Employers must provide:

Benefits to employers

Offering a work experience placement gives employers the chance to:


Traineeships are funded by the government and are free of charge to the employer, but employers may choose to support trainees with expenses such as transport and meals.


If you are interested in offering a work placement for a traineeship:

  1. Contact the National Apprenticeship Service to register your interest and to ask for advice and support on traineeships. They can help you set up a traineeship and advertise it on Find a traineeship.
  2. Partner with a training provider who will help you to design a traineeship that will meet your business needs. They will also advertise the work experience placement for you.

Agree with the trainee and your training provider exactly what each of you expects from the traineeship.